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            Grimross Amber Ale Now on Tap!

           Featured Wine of the Month
                    from Argentina
           Piedra Negra Pinot Gris and Malbec        

        "Moosehead Light Radler Now on Tap! 

                    Malt of the Week
                   "Famous Grouse 12 yr"

             Premium Whisky of the Week
                       from Spayside

                     "Strathisla 12 yr  " 

            Blended Whisky of the Week
                  "J & B Rare

                 Rum of the Week
                  "Lambs' Navy"      

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Frank's Whisky Blog

Whisky for the Holidays

                          Whisky For the Holidays

Every year I am asked to recommend a whisky as a gift for a Christmas present. Not as easy as it sounds as everyone has different tastes when it comes to Whisky. Not always knowing if someone appreciates a whisky with smoke, peat, sherry, vanilla, etc  can be challenging to make a recommendation they might like in the end. If you have a rought idea of what they like now can be a big help in deciding what to select. The price point you can afford always comes into play for most of us. So that said here are a few of my recommendations and price points. Single Malt under $50.00 in NB It is not easy anymore but I like Aberlour 10, Aberfeldy 12 and Strathisla 12. They are all very good whiskies for the price.