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Brews and Coolers Menu

Draught Brews “On Tap”


Moose Pale Ale
The First draught beer we proudly poured on May 11th 1989 and we have never looked back. Clean crisp and lively great Ale from a great brewery.

Moosehead Light

Clancy’s Amber Ale

Alexander Keith’s IPA

Rickard’s Red

Rickard’s White

Coors Light

Barking Squirrel

St. Ambroise Stout

Picaroon’s Irish Red Ale

Picaroon’s Best Bitter

Picaroon’s Seasonal Brew

Ask your server what we currently have on tap as the seasonal brew


Guinness Irish Stout

Stella Artois

Sam Adam’s Boston Lager

Lunar Rogue Bottled Brews


Alpine Lager

Bud Light


Cracked Canoe

Molson Canadian

Coors Light

Keith’s Pale Ale

Labatt’s Blue

Moosehead Premium Dry

Moosehead Pale Ale

Moosehead Light

Moosehead Premium Lager

Moosehead Lime

Oland’s Schooner

Miller Genuine Draft

Low Alcohol Beer

Beck’s LA

Erdinger Blue Label




Innes & Gunn

Erdinger Weiss

Erdinger Dunkel


Newcastle Brown

Sleeman’s Clear

Sleeman’s Honey Brown

Sleeman’s Cream Ale

St. Ambroise Apricot Ale

La Messagère(Gluten Free)

Tennent’s Export Ale

Coolers & Cider

Smirnoff Ice

Bacardi Orange Breezer

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Mike’s Cranberry

Strong bow Cider

Magner’s Cider