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The Story of the Lunar Rogue

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It was February 1989 and Brian and Frank sat back in their chairs a brew in their right hand and a problem on the table between them. Their latest venture, a pub in downtown Fredericton, was due to open in May and they needed a name that would reflect the distinctive Maritime flavor they meant to create.

Their inclination was to reference some noteworthy historic figure from the Maritimes but they were uninspired until Frank remembered Henry Moon – The Lunar Rogue. A trip to the library to brush up on the details of his life revealed that Barbara Grantmyre's book on Moon titled "The Lunar Rogue" had not been taken out for over 20 years. It was time to revive his memory and what better place to commemorate one of the greatest rogues in the province's history than in a traditional Maritime pub.

When he lived and traveled in New Brunswick more than 200 years ago, he relied on the fact that he was a stranger to most. One of his jailers, Sheriff Bates, wrote of his dealings with Henry Moon in a book called "The Mysterious Stranger". In time, however, Henry Moon became a household name and the stuff of legends. A likeness of Henry Moon can be found in the New Brunswick Museum along with some artifacts connected with his amazing jail escapes. Peddler, tailor, robber, liar, horse thief, escape artist and con-man extraordinaire, Henry Moon was all of these and more.

The following chapters will tell you more about the life and times of Henry Moon, The Lunar Rogue. For more information, we recommend you read, "The Mysterious Stranger" by Walter Bates, Non-Entity Press and "The Lunar Rogue" by Barbara Grantmyre, University Press.