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The Story of the Lunar Rogue

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In Fredericton, Judge Saunders ordered Henry More Smith returned to Kingston jail. So it was that a canoe proceeded down river that day with Mr. Putnam in one end and Mr Watson in the other and between them, tied to a bar in the center of the canoe, was the pinioned and handcuffed Lunar Rogue. Putnam and Watson, determined to get Henry to Kingston quickly and without incident, took turns watching him the first night. They paddled all the next day and broke their journey the second night at the home of Mr. Bailes. Bailes had been robbed by Henry soon after his escape from jail so the weary Putnam and Watson felt safe in accepting his offer to watch the prisoner and they retired for some much needed sleep.

Henry engaged Bailes and his wife in idle conversation for some time and then, when Henry finally said he was tired, they made up a bed for him on the floor. At this point Henry decided he needed to “go to the door”. When Watson was roused to see to the matter, he grumbled, “I ought to make you hang on till morning”, and made motions to wake Putnam as well in case it was a trick. Henry apologized meekly and suggested, “Perhaps Mr. Bailes has a rope. If you tie that to my arm you’ll be sure of me”.

Out the door they went, the rope tied above Henry’s handcuffs and the other end wound around Watson’s hand. A few minutes later, Watson staggered back to the door, the rope dragging on the ground behind him.