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The Story of the Lunar Rogue

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Arrested for Horse stealing, Henry did an admirable job of protesting his innocence. He claimed to have bought the horse in question from a stranger named James Churnan and even produced a receipt for it at his hearing.

Claiming to be 20 years old, he said he had arrived from Brighton England some 18 months previously and was awaiting his parent’s arrival in the spring. The Lunar Rogue then added the finishing touch. I am a stranger sirs, penniless, friendless and in a desperate situation. I have neither friends, nor money, nor anyone who knows me to take my part. I am an innocent man, the victim of ill-circumstances, who has been badly used without just cause.

Henry’s plea had no effect on the judge, who ordered that he be held for trial; however, the Lunar Rogue hadn’t lost his touch completely. There was a great deal of public sympathy building for this handsome youth who, if convicted, faced a sentence of death. Even Walter Bates the High Sheriff of Kings County was convinced of Henry’s innocence. Knowing Henry had no money, the sheriff quickly arranged to have his personal effects brought from Saint John and permitted Henry to sell them to raise funds for the lawyer the sheriff had recommended.

The good people of Kingston were not only sympathetic but very generous and they quickly bought up Henry’s possessions to provide him with his lawyer’s fees. It’s a safe bet that the items offered for sale had been pilfered from other gullible souls in neighbouring communities but the Lunar Rogue was never known to suffer from a guilty conscience.