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The Story of the Lunar Rogue

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Public sentiment had it that Henry More Smith, the remarkable puppeteer, was much too talented to end up on the gallows. It was even said by some that he might have been convicted unjustly. Whether through public pressure or his own convictions, the Attorney General had Henry’s sentenced lightened and Sheriff Bates, who had travelled to Fredericton to determine Henry’s fate, returned again to Kingston with the news. Score another one for the Lunar Rogue, - he had cheated the gallows!

The jailer met the Sheriff on his return from Fredericton with the news that Henry had removed his neck chain and that despite thorough searches they had been unable to find it. The Sheriff went to investigate.

Henry admitted getting rid of the chain but would not reveal what he had done with it. Sheriff bates proposed a bargain, - produce the chain and promise to behave and the neck chain would be left off. Henry made no reply but the next morning the chain lay on his cell floor with no explanation as to where it had been hidden. That same day, the Sheriff removed Henry’s handcuffs so he could wash and then decided to leave them off. Henry smiled wryly and remarked, “On or off, one hand must follow the other whatever I’m doing. See? It’s second nature now.” True enough, Bates reports that the prisoner’s hands moved in unison as if still bound together.

In any case, the chains and handcuffs were left off, Henry’s behaviour took a turn for the better and he went into puppet production in earnest. The Lunar Rogue appeared to be changing his tactics, if not his goal.