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The Story of the Lunar Rogue

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Sheriff Bates was understandably eager to release Henry More Smith after a frustrating and embarrassing year. Henry, however, gave no indication that he was anxious to leave Kingston Jail. Babbling and incoherent, he ignored the Sheriff who pleaded with him to pack his “puppet Family” away in the box he had provided. Only when the Sheriff tried to throw them into the box himself did Henry finally take on the job. When the Sheriff returned an hour later, he found the puppets packed and Henry dressed in his new suit and shoes patiently awaiting his release.

The Sheriff and the jailer hired a small boat and set off to the port of Saint John with Henry ranting and raving all the way. So determined was the Sheriff to be rid of Henry that finding no US bound ship in port, he housed him overnight in the jail and in the morning put the muttering and pathetic Henry on a ship bound for Nova Scotia.

Almost immediately, a dramatic cure came over Henry. He appeared on deck, smiling and pleasant, and made easy conversation with the other passengers. He was the perfect picture of a seasoned gentleman traveller. No one could have suspected he had spent the last year in a dark and dirty cell under sentence of death. Only once did he show erratic behaviour. He picked up some trace chains from the deck and tossed them overboard. “I hate chains,” he said, offering to pay for them. As for the “puppet family”, as soon as the ship docked they, along with the rest of his possessions, were left on board as the Lunar Rogue hurried ashore without ceremony or delay.